The Hiatus Announcement

Posted by management on September 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Dear friends, fans, and family — we have collectively decided that after halloween, Ella Riot is going to be put on an indefinite hiatus.   This decision was reached through careful conversation, and is a byproduct of our ongoing desire to respect and support one another in the group.  As we had been preparing to go into another cycle,  we discovered the natural creative energy of the group had changed directions.   Our passion and appreciation for each other as individuals and musicians is stronger than ever, and for that reason, it’s time for the group to help support some personal and professional changes for its members.


Perhaps through these experiences the “fuel” will return to drive Ella Riot wherever it is destined to go.  We say “hiatus” instead of “ending” because we want to allow for that possibility to exist.  We’re all best friends and love playing music together, so it’s certainly not an impossibility!


We’re incredibly grateful and honored to have been a part of Ella Riot/My Dear Disco, have grown and learned immeasurably alongside one another, and wouldn’t change a single thing about the past.  The support that we have received from our fans, promoters, festival directors, fellow bands, and collaborators over the years has made us feel so loved and appreciated that it is hard to put into words.  Suffice to say, you have helped make this experience life changing and deeply gratifying and the interactions we have shared with you personally and collectively will never be forgotten by any of us.


We hope to see you all in this upcoming fall schedule!