MC’s Corner #7

Posted by MC on July 28, 2010 1 Comment

This clam is happy as a clam that MC's corner is out today! He's smiling at YOU. Smile back. NOW.

Well kiddees, it’s been a while since the last MC’s corner and I have many things to share.
Today you will get to experience some  sights, sounds, and smells from MDD’s latest excursions.


Mike's new clear drum's like he's playing air drums. They look pretty rad with or without LEDs.

Christian Carpenter, looking very divine on the My Dear Disco tour bus. He's being interviewed for an article about his solo project, Christian Rock. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for their next live show.

The heavenly gates to Virginia's Floyd Fandango.

MDD at Green Mountain College (captured by Adria Candra Leeper-Sullivan). We turned into cartoons and drove off in our very own Mystery Machine. Oh jeepers! I look like Velma. Bob looks a lot like Freddy. So if you have any mysteries for us to solve, give us a shout.


MDD has been listening to a ton of music lately.  Here are some recent faves:


You can't smell through the internet yet, but we assure you this man smells only banana.

Coming up on MC’s corner…
Gearing up for Lollapalooza, news about our new touring vehicle, and a “dancimation” from yours truly

Happy Bliss!

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Well, we had a one of the greatest times of our life playing and soaking up Bliss Fest last weekend.  The late-night crowd made such a raucous I felt my head was under water and listening to the heavy machinery blend a car.  We have never known such screaming aimed directly at us.  Thank you for that.  In exchange, we have given you a small part of our hearing forever.

Check out these pics by our friend Michael Erlewine.  He’s very good.


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Inspiration Exploitation Front Cover


Inspiration Exploitation Mixtape by Body Rock

Drop droppin it!  MDD’s resident DJ Body Rock is bringing more of that hott mixtape action to you:  It has been months since the last mixtape, which by our calculation is far too long.  It’s time to freshen thy earloins with the sweet sounds of the Body Rock selects.

From Body Rock hisself:

A lot of amazing music in this mix.  Setting the tone right with DCUP’s SMASHING remix of Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, we keep the funk alive as we move into Best Party Ever by one of my favorite producers Shazam.

The mix moves into a deeper, but still plenty funky direction as we get into the UK sounds of Joy Orbison and MJ Cole. That MJ Cole remix, which blows me away every time I hear it, actually came to my attention when myself and the rest of My Dear Disco put our brains on a remix of that same tune for Todd Edwards and Scion A/V Records.  MJ Cole took such a different approach in him mix, I just really love it.  I am quickly becoming a sucker for those pseduo-half-time dance feels Cole and Orbison demonstrate so nicely in this mix.

Another of my favorite producers, Phonat, is nicely featured in this mix with his incredible journey of a track Set Me Free, and his remix of the Young Punx Rockall.  The mix moves on and into some tight indie-house remix joyousness featuring an amazing A-trak remix of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Boy 8-but crushing Dj Touches track “Paddle” and the perfect ending is found in Tommie Sunshine’s amazing acid edit of “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap.  Check it.

These tracks come to you dancefloor tested, meaning these are the jams I play out when we rock out.  Play it loud and play it often!



(right-click, or control click and select “download linked file” or “Save As” to download

Inspiration Exploitation Back Cover