Calling all hair and nylons!

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Tomorrow is opening night at Top of the Park. For those of you who were there last year, it was one of our summer’s highlights, and with your help we set the record for the largest ever attendance — 4,000 people!  This year will only be better, and this time we want to have its impact be felt nation-wide.  So . . . give us your hair!


If you have more hair on your head than you need for the summer, or extra stockings, bring them to the show.  Matter Of Trust ( is a nonprofit that collects human hair clippings to make booms held together with nylons that float in the water and clean up oil spills. We’ll have people cutting any amount of hair you are willing to give. Then we’ll pack it all up and shipit down to the Gulf to clean up that darn oil spill! Check out this video to see how it works:


See you very soon!!

New Website!

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Welcome to the new website!  It took hours and days of minutes and seconds to put it all together but we did it!  So what’s new you may be asking?  We’d love to tell you:

1. It’s sexier.  It just is.  For real.  You’re loving it right now as you like at it right?  I thought so.

2. MUSIC! Omgzzz, now you can like totally stream and download My Dear Disco music, like, WAY easier!  Click on the “Music” tab to find out more!  We just made the absolute best place on the internet to get My Dear Disco music.

3. REMIX! As avid remixers ourselves it has been long on our list of things to do to make our website the preeminent place to get tools for remixing MDD such as acapellas, and also to feature our favorite remixes by fans and collaborators!  Click on the “Remix” tab to find out more!

4. INFO! Enough My Dear Disco biographical info to choke a camel.  AND THEIR NECKS ARE HUUUUUUUGE!

5. MEDIA! This is mostly just referring to awesome, hi-quality photos and videos of us.  Checking it out at is the best way to cut through the clutter.

6. Did I mention it is SO SEXY?!

Please click around and make funtimes with our new internet!

They waited so patiently for the new website!