Brooklyn Show Venue Change!

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Hey Everybody,

Just a quick note to let you know that the venue for our upcoming Brooklyn show has changed from Public Assembly to Bar Matchless

Sorry for the confusion this may cause but it had to happen.  WERE STILL EXCITED TO SEE YOU THERE THOUGH!

See you soon.



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Well Planet Earth, as I am sure you all already know (probably the martians too; at least the ones who watch network television), today is a big day for My Dear Disco and the world, yes: My Dear Disco is actually literally unbelievably officially famous (as determined by the Universal Association of International Fame Board).


Ever since our song “My Dear Disco” was used in a promotional commercial for Melrose Place’s Episode 9 (Season One of the new Melrose Place apparently), everything has changed for us.  The grass is greener, the sky is bluer, and we have a much greater appreciation for the potential drama inherent in our music.


I know, I know what your probably thinking: “What in the world must their families think now that these boys and lady are famous?!”


Well here is what they think:

Exhibit 1:

Did they have the rights to use this song?  If not you have a very clear and good case for copyright infringement.  Did I ever tell the story about this dude from my highschool whose song was illegally used in a Chryster commercial?  He went to the bank on that one.  But I guess its also flattering, right?



Exhibit 2:

dude that’s f***ing sweet! holy s***! You should get a sweet ass royalty check for that. not that thats what you’re all about but it has to be said. mom and dad MIGHT come to [city] to see a sweet political comedy on sunday with me. you and your better half are invited. awesome bro, i’m so proud of you guys. Love [brother].


Exhibit 3:

–it’s so awesome.  do you see that someone {from the youtube comments} wants to know what the song is?  please write back to them…love, mom and dad–we are so proud of all of you!!!  your big break!!!!!


Exhibit 4:

– this is awesome!! How totally cool. It must feel very surreal. I can’t wait to hear about how they picked you guys up. Did you get paid for this? How does it work?

Keep me posted and we can’t wait to see you in Dec.

xoxoxox {sister]


Exhibit 5:

That’s cool, [band member]. My Dear Disco will be famous.




Exhibit 6:

Melrose Place?? Hi [band member]! I just read on twitter that My Dear Disco is on Melrose place… IS That True????????????????

Please let me know and [family member] and I will watch it !!!!!!!!!!!

I love you!!




As more responses roll I’ll keep you updated.  Exciting times these days…

New Remix! My Dear Disco vs. That 1 Guy! (free download)

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The Mustache was Rad (dedededed)!

Hey Hey Hey,


After about month of hardwork, we’ve finished up a new remix of “Mustaches” by one of our favorite artist’s (and booking agency rostermate) That 1 Guy! We tried to stay true to the zany spirit of the original, and we let ourselves have a lot of fun with this one.  Highlights to check out: Bob brings the heavy funk of cut-up magic pipe, Michelle Masquarades as a chorus of school children, Tyler tells all to “take a mustache ride”.


It is our pleasure to present it to you as a free download in hi-res mp3 format with artwork inlcuded!


Ctrl-Click (Cmd-click on a mac) the link below and select “Save files as…” to download the remix to your hard drive or cycle through to player at the top of the screen to stream it while you check out


DOWNLOAD “Mustaches (My Dear Disco Remix)”

To hear the original (and see the music video) check out this link.

Comment (leave some love!) below or on our facebook page to let us know what you think!