Ok, THIS Saturday!

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Our episode of Fearless Music was delayed one week due to the playoffs, so now we will be featured THIS Saturday (Oct. 24th).  The post below has all the details –

MDD on TV this Saturday!

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My Dear Disco is going to be featured on the Fox Network show “Fearless Music TV” this Saturday!!  The show airs weekly at 12:30am on Fox 5 in NYC, or if you’re not in NYC, make sure to check out thetime and channel listing at the Fearless Music website to find out when and where else it airs:


Also, before and after the episode airs, be sure to go to the Fearless Music website (www.fearlessmusic.com) and cast your vote for MDD!  The band that receives the highest amount of votes will be featured again on next week’s episode.
We went to NYC to tape this performance in August, and have since become big fans of the folks at Fearless Music as people and amazing supporters of independent music.  The show is recorded at Crash Mansion, a swank underground club in Manhatten.  They use it as a studio to record the show in it during the day, and use it as a legit venue at night, which gives it a really cool vibe (for both settings).  Let us know what you think of the show!

Thank you Chicago!

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We had a great time playing for such an amazing audience in Chi-town.  A very NICE time.

Here’s a NICE picture of the show:

MDD at the Double Door, releasing the Arch Angel from the lost ark

The Double Door