MC's Corner #5

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This boy and this llama both think that the football is MC's corner.  Don't worry langsty llama and child - there is e new MC's corner!

Both llama and small child hungrily mistook the football for MC's corner. Don't worry excited llama and small chid - there is a new MC's corner for you to share!

Have you heard of Bodyrock?  He’s this crazy DJ.  At his last show, peeps got naked.  I started listening to his latest mix and my socks started to sneak off my feet.  Bodyrock’s got some serious chops.  Seriously, he’s got facial hair, and mad DJ skills to boot.  Check him out.

BT tweeted about this guy/these guys.  It’s kind of creepy that one guy is singing all the parts and swaying all over the stage, but that’s also what makes this so impressive.  Ok, around 3:00, this dude sounds just like MJ.  Crazy.

High Places – “From Stardust to Sentience”

(recommended by Sabina Sciubba of the Brazilian Girls in a strange interview with the Bostonist)

Sabina Sciubba – “So Close and Yet So Far”

Jeff Beck ft. Imogen Heap – “Rollin’ and Tumblin’”
(I couldn’t find a link for you guys, but check it out on iTunes)

Sara Bareilles – “Gravity”
(I first heard this song while watching Fox’s best of So You Think You Can Dance.  Mia Michaels’s choreography is heartbreakingly beautiful.  I can’t tell if this song would have moved me as much without having seen Mia Michaels’s dance about addiction. Thoughts?  )

omg, I got chills just watching it start up again. I wish there was some way to turn off the psycho screaming crowd.  Oh Fox).

Mute Math – “The Nerve”

Here is a relaxing online musical toy my friend sent me.  It’s called the Tone Matrix.  OOOOoooh.

Farewell Yosef Dosik, and now the next phase of MDD

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Our recent performance at moe.down marked the last performance with our band-mate and long-time friend Joey (aka Yosef) Dosik before he moves to California. It has been truly inspiring and very fortunate for us to have spent the last 3 years being so close with such a brilliant musician — he has very much to give to the world and we wish him the very best.

Though this ends our ability to play music with Joey on a regular basis, you’ll still here his talents and contributions on upcoming MDD recordings, and make sure you keep up with Yosoul — Joey’s amazing soul project!

So, what’s the next phase? For the last year, we’ve been touring practically non-stop. The road has been great to us, and we’ve come to love the excitement and unpredictability it offers. Now we’re back in Ann Arbor after our 6-week long end-of-summer tour, and this fall we’re taking time to write new material, record an EP, make a music video, and take our live show to new heights. Of course we’ll still be performing regularly, but considerably less than before so that we can give you a bunch of slamming new material and a show that will make your hair stand on end! Stay tuned as we keep you informed in the process, it’s a very exciting us to take the next step!