Alaska update #2

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This is an important moment in every person’s life: the first time they get their buttocks portrayed in an Original Butt Sketch.  Here’s ours:

In real life, trying not to show our immense stage fright:

Wanna know more about butt sketches?  Ummm, why not go to their website?

In the meantime, we’ve been climbing Alaska’s most daunting peaks:

And eating at the best restaurant we’ve ever visited.  This is the first Lao restaurant in Alaska, is entirely family owned and operated, and doesn’t do anything but blow your mind and palette in all directions.

With food this good, you gotta rock an after-glow group shot.

Ok, time to go back.

Tour Update!

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Many apologies for our cyber-absence, it sure is more difficult to update your website when you’re on the road!  Here’s a little recap, something to hopefully give you an idea of what we’ve been up to!  The picture above was taken in an all-too-normal backstage bathroom in Baltimore.   This show was part of a handful of gigs we did on the East Coast with our Chicago friends (and heros!) Baby Teeth.  They are phenomenal, and we had an amazing time touring with them.  You should listen to them!

happy secretary's day

happy secretary's day!

We’ve been on the road since July 30th, where we played a couple shows in Chicago, made our way up to Empire Michigan for Dunegrass, down (and left) to Philly for our residency at World Cafe Live, which started a 2 1/2 week east coast jaunt.  Here’s some pics from our show at Union Hall in Brooklyn.  I love these for their 70′s low-budget indie film look.

Part of the east coast tour included taping an in-studio performance for Fox Network’s show “Fearless Music.”  The show airs to 45 million TV’s across America at midnight on Saturdays, and has featured some our big inspirations, including Imogen Heap, Shiny Toy Guns, and Hot Chip.  We can’t release images from the taping until the show airs, so keep your eyes out so we can let you know when it airs!  Check out more about the show here.

After our east coast adventure, we went to Alaska, our current location.  This is one of the most beautiful spots we’ve ever had the privilege of exploring.  Pictures really can’t do it justice, but here are a few anyway.  We’re playing almost every day in Anchorage, and are here till Sunday.  Then we fly back east to get ready for Moe.down!!

Thanks for tuning in, we’ll be back with more updates soon!