Festival Update: new festivals added!

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A toot on the ol’ magic flute, and boomjaja — we’re playing at two more festivals.  Dunegrass was one of our funnest gigs last summer.  Dunes and tunes, ees perfect.

Then of course, the legendary Moe.down.  This is all just so good for the good time team. 

Get it!

Summer ReMixtape! (free download)

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Hey all!  Here’s a delightful free download for you complied and mixed live by Body Rock (Bob’s DJ project)!  Enjoy some sweaty late night summer dance tunes!

Download (140mb)

Summer ReMixtap Front Cover

Front Cover

Back Cover

Back Cover

Music on the ReMixtape is provided for promotional purposes only.  It goes without saying that if you like something you hear, make it a point to check that artist out online, on iTunes, or wherever, and go ahead and SUPPORT THEM!  We’ll be the first to tell you, it ain’t quick or easy to make good music.  A lotta love and a little bit of money will get you by though.