An amazing piece of work!

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You have to check this out — we’re in the new Jurassic Park movie!


But seriously, check out this amazing ad for the Kalamazoo Block Party we’re playing this saturday . . .

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Thax, Chicago Show, Love, love, love….

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Yo-diddle hi-diddle hey.

I wanted to share a little reminiscence about a particularly inspiring gig we had two weeks ago in Chicago, IL at the Empty Bottle with the Baby Teeth and Post Honeymoon.

The music was great, the vibe was good. Lots of friendly faces, lots of new ones. Post honeymoon started the night off right and set the bar for the energy level of the evening, and we did our best not to let it drop. It was a crazy show for us too because Michelle completely lost her voice earlier in the week so she couldn’t sing on the gig, which created the need for Theo and Joey to step it up even more into spotlight.  Fortunately for us they are both just stellar and rose to the challenge completely.  It was very weird to perform without Michelle, but we are blessed with band full of great singers and talented musicians so we could handle the key changes and other necessary tweaking to make it work.

Baby Teeth headlined the night, and if you haven’t heard of them, you NEED to check them out.  Their set was absolutely righteous, and they are all just amazing musicians, and wonderful people.  This was our second show with them, and I am sure that there will be many more.

The sexiest Baby Teeth youve seen yet...

The sexiest Baby Teeth you've seen yet...

Here is a little review of the show from (

Baby Teeth, Live at the Empty Bottle, with My Dear Disco
What the hell–springtime on a random Thursday: might as well go check out a Baby Teeth gig. They’re getting ready to release their next LP this summer, and they brought a shitload of new jams to the Bottle last week. It really made them step up their game a bit, too. They played with an almost nervous intensity I’ve rarely seen in them before–and it suited them well. Perhaps they were also encouraged by the shit-hot opening set from Ann Arbor’s My Dear Disco (between them and Nomo, what the FUCK is in the water up there?!). Imagine a version of Maroon 5 populated by a bunch of dorky yet adorable college-age dudes and a set of uilleann pipes, and you can kind of envision what they’re up to. Apparently they usually work with a female singer, too, but her voice was blown out, so she wasn’t on stage that night. I can’t even imagine how much more over-the-top awesome that would make the group, though. They had incredible energy and incredible musicianship. I’ll look forward to seeing them again soon.

Also, and honestly one of the best parts was meeting an amazing poet named Thax Douglas, who is apparently a bit of legend around Chicago.  He wrote an incredible poem for us before the show and we invited him to read it from the stage before we began our set.  Honestly, it is the most impressive and true thing that I have seen written about us, and it was written by a man who had not even seen us perform (he had heard our MySpace i believe and that’s all).  I feel compelled to share it with the world:




pulled from the

gullets of

mourning doves

form a


circle poisoning

you with life,

dragging you

from your cool



-5/14/09  Burger King for Empty Bottle

Thanks Thax.  Love you man.

Thax with the Lead Singer of the Flaming Lips, Wayne Coyne

Thax with the Lead Singer of the Flaming Lips, Wayne Coyne

Peace and love,


Let the festivities begin!

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Oh . . . oh my — it’s the festies again!  Yup, time to get out that tent and finally buy some new undies. 

Then take those crisp and clean nether garments and come celebrate the world with us this summer!  This is exactly where we will be:

May 22: Bella Madre (Geneva, MN)

May 24: Hookahville (Thornville, OH)

May 30: Beginning of Summer Block Party (Kalamazoo)

June 4: Wakarusa (Ozark, AR)

June 20: Kentucky Pride (Louisville, KY)

June 26: Top Of the Park (Ann Arbor, MI)

July 23: 10,000 Lakes Festival (Detroit Lakes, MN)

July 30: Party in the Park (Chicago, IL)

August 1: Northalsted Market Days (Chicago, IL)

August 7th: SummerSounds (Greensburg, PA) 

September 4th: YpsiTucky Jamboree (Ypsilanti, MI)


This is how excited we are about the festies.  Except our undies will be newer.