Tour Vid!

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The first week of tour — including H’update #2!


My Dear Disco LIVE on TV!

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Hello world.

We wanted to let everyone know that My Dear Disco will be performing TOMORROW night on Live Television on Channel Austin at 10pm CST.

The show starts out with a brief interview with a short filmmaker followed by the short film, the a brief interview with a photographer, followed by a slideshow of the work, then My Dear Disco will perform live anywhere from 35 to 40 mins. The show will also stream Live from their myspace site… so any fans who can not make it out to austin, can see us perform live!

Tune in and Check it out!


The Franz Danz!

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Yup yup. Yep — yeah, ok . . . uhuh. We got us a brand new remix! This one is based on Uylsses by Franz Ferdinand. A quirky little tune, we decided to see what it would sound like if Justice, MGMT, and The Roots threw Franz an all-night dance banger. And this is the result.

A personal highlight comes near the end where theo sings in 3 octaves with himself. That’s all – all those voices are theo. Then you got the bob on nasto slap bass . . . UH! Make me wanna get on my knees and beg for buttermilk.

It’s chilling in the music player along the top of the page. Select the symbol in the top right corner (the three parallel lines), and click on “Ulysses.” You can also download the mp3 from our myspace player:

Hit us back and let us know what you think!