CO Tour: Day 6

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What you are about to read is an epic tale of hilarious disaster.


After yet another gorgeous, relaxed day spent in Boulder, we packed our bags and boarded the veggie bus, less than thrilled about driving east into stormy weather and grey skies. On the bright side, our tour karma  had been pretty amazing so far, so we tipped our hats to Colorado and yelled a fond “Farewell!” as we warmed-up the bus. httpv://

“Wait…uh, I think the brake lights are stuck.”
“Stuck? What do you mean? They look fine to me.”
“Yeah but I mean they’re not working—like, they don’t respond when you press the brakes—they just stay lit constantly.”


First Problem:


The brake lights don’t work. We mess around with fuses and wires for an hour, then decide to hit the road regardless. We’ll drive slowly and make sure to turn cautiously—the most important thing is that we get to Kansas for our gig tomorrow night.


Part  Two:


About 20 minutes after our departure, we see flashing lights in the rearview—we’re being pulled over. The brake lights…
“Howdy officer—is there a problem?”
“Well, you failed to signal a couple miles back, and you were swerving onto the shoulder a little bit—is everything OK?”
“Yes , sir, absolutely.”
“No drinking or anything?”
“No, sir. I must have forgotten to signal, and this trailer’s a little difficult getting used to.”
“Yeah, I know how those things are. Well, I’m not gonna give you a ticket or anything—just make sure you signal, and try not to swerve that trailer.”
Christian hands the officer a CD, and we get back to driving. Good thing he didn’t notice the brake lights…


THEN (Part Three):


After an hour of driving into the heart of eastern Colorado, Joey stands up.
“YO—Christian, turn the lights on! Turn the lights on! I think there’s grease back here!”
And he was right. We flip the cabin lights, only to find that THERE IS GREASE EVERYWHERE!! Oozing down the center aisle of the bus, slathering our clothing and sleeping bags. We are literally in the middle of nowhere—and in fact, it’s quite beautiful outside. The stars are the brightest we’ve seen on the tour—the air is clean and crisp. We’re in the desert.


Which means…there’s a lot of dry dirt everywhere. In a quick-thinking moment of genius, Justine grabs our emergency  snow shovel and starts padding the floor of the bus with dirt. Several of the band members are skeptical—we’re shoveling dirt into a bus filled with garbage oil—-but it actually works. We get the mess reasonably cleaned up, transfer our personal belongings to the trailer, and FINALLY start heading to Kansas.


Part Four: The final chapter—


When we heard a loud pop and started smelling burning rubber, we knew we were screwed. We’d only been on the highway for 25 SECONDS!! Our tour karma had reversed. This  was the last straw. We opened the hood and found the serpentine belt tangled in a knot and half-melted.


As the the tow truck pulled-up, I couldn’t believe this was all happening—WHAT A DAY! Sitting on the hotel bed, it seemed like the only thing we could do was laugh and have a beer.


And the beer was perfect.

CO Tour: Day 5

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Which means…more walking in sunny downtown, more visiting of heady book stores, more goat’s milk cappuccino…this town is wonderful.

After a beautifully lazy day, we drove the short distance to Denver (about 35 minutes), loaded gear into the club, and chowed down on some sandwiches and pizza (compliments of Loren from the Larimer Lounge). I dropped my sandwich on the ground (open face down) half way through the eating process, but was able to recover most of it (5 second rule).

The house sound engineer (Joey) was an awesome dude, and he did a great job handling the 7-piece madness that is My Dear Disco. After the opening bands (Josephine and the Mouse People and Vonnegut) had finished playing, we took the stage and rocked a hard-hitting set. The room was pretty full, and for our first time in Denver, I think we turned some heads and got some booties moving.


The Denver Post even covered the story with a really nice review that you can check out here!:


Thanks to the wonderful bartenders Brooke and Janelle (spelled correctly I hope?), we were able to trade two copies of our album for two pitchers of tasty Colorado brew. That’s what I’m talking about…

Back to Boulder for more sunshine, coffee, noodles, ice cream—-this place has it all!!

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CO Tour: Day 4

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Boulder is a sweet town.

We arrived at The B-Side Lounge with plenty of time to load-in, set-up, walk around town for a bit (and get lost), and still make it back to the club for sound check.

The staff at the B-Side are some of the nicest, coolest people we’ve met on the road. In addition to hooking us up with more grease, Matt (the head chef) made us some killer tacos and rice. Morgan, the house sound engineer, did an awesome job mixing us and made the vibe totally relaxed. And to top it all off, Andy (the bartender) was what I like to call a “Cool Ade” guy. In other words, this dude was so awesome, I would drink the cool ade if he told me to…you know what I mean?

The show was a blast, and after we finished playing, we all jammed-out to the DJ for the rest of the night. Luckily for us, our good friend (and an Ann Arbor legend) Justine Anthony just moved out to Boulder, so we crashed at her place for the night.  Dane (her house mate) and I stayed up late rocking some acoustic jams, and the rest of the guys in the band built a sweet sleeping fort. Dane also cooked some delicious redskin potatoes with mushrooms, spinach, and onions, smothered in Cholula hot sauce. PERFECT midnight snack!

We awoke the next morning to an absolutely gorgeous day: 60 degrees with the sun shining bright. After a couple hours of relaxing outside, we walked into town and got some coffee at The Laughing Goat. I had a goat’s milk cappuccino, which was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.

What’s with all this great coffee and beautiful weather? Colorado really has it figured out…

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