My Dear Disco New Year's Eve!

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Come bring in the New Year with MDD in Traverse City, MI!

Come bring in the New Year with MDD in Traverse City, MI!

Who: My Dear Disco wsg/the Mike Moran Band

Where: Traverse City Opera House

When: New Years Eve

Price: $15 advance/ $20 at the door

On New Years Eve, My Dear Disco is returning to Northern Michigan, this time to say thank you to their fans by throwing a massive blow-out party at the Traverse City Opera House!  This party boasts a free local wine/champagne toast at midnight!


We are working hard to transform the Opera House into a venue unlike any other in Michigan, so it should be a great spectacle in addition to a great time!  We are offering a bundled ticket package for sale in our store, so if you get that you not only get an advanced ticket held at the door for you, but you also get a HEAVILY discounted CD and T-Shirt with the ticket.  Think about it.  It makes sense.  Do it.  I know you are thinking about it, because I just said you should.  Yep.  Now take the mouse.  Mmm-hmm.  Move it to store.  And Click it.  Yep.  Buy the ticket bundle.  Ok good.  Now come to the show and get your goodies.



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East Coast Tour Diary: Day 7

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Day 7: NYC

Arrive at 3am from our philly drive . . . who wants to split the couch?
Theo: “There’s a bed downstairs, a loveseat in that room up front, umm, i think someone might have to sleep on the floor. ”

(Convenient that i have a pattern of having my best sleep on 3 couch cushions placed on the floor)
–  “hey i’ll take the floor.”

How the hell did it get so warm all of a sudden?  I woke up yesterday looking out the window at falling snow and blustering cold, and today I’m waking up to gentle rainfall and 50 degree weather.  And I am DOWN.
And hell yeah, i love bagels.  I think we all love bagels — thank you THEO!!
Internet is down, office time unlikely, how am i gonna rock today’s blog?  Well, no time to dwell, bob and i gotta go downtown to meet our lovely publicists at fanatic promotion.
There’s an amazing quality that NYC has that i recently noticed: in one underground, dirty, and crowded subway, you can be surrounded by beggars, buskers, teenagers,  grandmothers, and business men on their way to sign a multi-million dollar business merge — all at once.  There’s an unusual sense of equality down there.
Out of the subway, into the rainy streets of manhattan we go.  Lets run, its is coming down pretty hard.
Book it to the fanatic office: contained by yet another obscure doorway merely displaying an address.  I have a tendency to romanticize success – surely the people who spend all day making artists like the Chemical Brothers, Sigur Ros, and Sufjan Stevens famous must do so in a stainless steel office aboard a NASA test mars capital building.  The office was beautiful, but the lack of brain-detecting 3D CGI machines  reminds me that it’s not about the gear, you just gotta have a group of extremely knowledgeable and passionate people coming together to share a common goal.  Hell yeah!

“Hi hey hello! hey whats that? whats that? what’s that mean? what’s he doing?”

Ok, gotta go soundcheck now — rain_run_subway_rain_run pt 2.
The venue is the mercury lounge — they gotta big rep and we’ve all been excited about this gig for a while.
Little confusing to set up, the backstage is in the basement on the opposite side of the building, there’s no real good place to set up our merch display, and damn it’s such a pain dealing with the bus in manhattan.  We also have to get everything off the stage and put away within 15 minutes of the last beat, which, for a 7-piece electronic rock entourage, is a serious serious undertaking. Despite it all, the show went great, the crowd was awesome, the staff super helpful, and we got to see a lot of friends.  AND, we were awarded a $120 parking ticket from the city, despite the bus being on and a driver in the drivers seat.  Yee haw!
Next up: scatter MDD’s members to the four corners of the city for a couple hours,  reconvene at a bar called the Library, have a couple drinks,  more catching up with close friends, and catch the 1:20am subway back to long island.  Which means you gotta RUN!  It’s incredible how in shape dave schall is for someone who smokes and doesn’t regularly exercise.  Someone’s gotta start rocking some science on that human, there’s something profitable there.
Get back to the pad, hit a little 3am office time (ie, get the last blog up with a very spotty internet connection), and hit that hay at 4:30am.

A good tour — thank you east coast!

Quote of the tour comes from Bob, during our last pre-show huddle:

“I just want to tell you guys, several times this tour i’ve literally gotten goosebumps from all the love being musically transmitted from everyone on stage.”

see in you in february My Dear East Coast.

Love, [record]

East Coast Tour Diary: Day 6

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Day 6: Philly


There’s something that makes cell phone alarms more annoying than alarm clocks.  We gotta leave boston at 10am to make it to philly on time, which means i gotta wake up at 8:30, take a shower, pack, and help make sure everyone’s on the plan at 9am.  

I’m gonna miss this drip coffee.  Christian goes to the bus a half hour early to rock some more grease, gets back at 10am, get the bus loaded and out by 10:30am.  

Only a half-hour late!  That’s a record!!  

Except we’ve only driven 10 minutes and everyone has to pee (how many empty water bottles are on the bus right now?  uhh, two — ok we gotta pull over).  One thing that’s interesting about touring is that since you’re usually playing the same markets (east coast=NYC, Boston, DC, Philly, etc), you start to find yourself at the same gas stations and rest stops by chance (or is it . . .).  I think we hit 2 that we had stopped at before.  It’s a cool way to distinctly remember a pretty un-interesting moment (oh yeah, i got a coffee here, that sink doesn’t work, there were sunglasses sold outside, and those smoothies are too expensive!).  Why should we only recall the interesting moments?  

Pull into philly, looks like we’re a 1/2 mile away!!  Alright, we made it!  Ten minutes later, and 15 feet further, uuhhh we’re still about a 1/2 mile away!  Another 10 minutes, another 15 feet.  Rinse and repeat.  My god this is taking forever.  Wait wait ok here’s the left turn that’s gonna get us there — shit that’s the lane that puts you into the massive hotel parking lot and spits you out where you started!  Rinse and repeat.  Lets not take that turn again.  Ahh, here we are this is the left turn lane, and hey there’s the club! Where do we load?  In back?  We’re on a bridge but ok . . . ok there’s no where to turn.  Dammit, we missed the club.  Where can we turn around?  Oh up here — oh hey, remember being on this exact corner 45 minutes ago?  Being on this short bus feels so appropriate now.

The venue is the World Cafe Live.  Clearly very swanky as soon as you get in the doors.  


We had to load through the elevator on the left, meaning open the doors, open the doors on the opposite side, walk through the storage, through the green room, to the side stage door.

We had to load through the elevator on the left, meaning open the doors, open the doors on the opposite side, walk through the elevator to the kitchen storage behind it, then through the green room, and to the side stage door.


doop-tee-doo, over-head mics go hear, neon backdrop goes here, and the tiger cage goes here

doop-tee-doo, over-head mics go here, neon backdrop goes here, and the tiger cage goes here



They made a flyer specific for us, which is a great sign for a venue (versus “hey, did you get the flyers we sent a couple weeks ago?”  “uhhh, i dunno maybe are they not up?”  “Guess.”).  And the stage is carpeted — this is my signal to play the show barefoot.  


Step right up, step right up -- tonight only you can pet the alligator boy for only 5 dollars . . .

Step right up, step right up -- tonight only you can pet the alligator boy for 5 dollars . . .


We’ve never played in philly, don’t know many people, and 10 minutes before the hit the only people ready to listen are the cafe staff.  Huddle: lets just do what we do and hit as hard as we can anyways.  

Then what looks like 50 people come into the club all at once, including some great friends who graduated from U of M.  This is a good good thing.  


Only male bass players were allowed to use the men's bathroom -- we all had to fit in christian's case

Only male bass players were allowed to use the men's bathroom



What? Only girl guitar players? I'll just find an empty bottle on the bus . . .




The show ended up being super fun, the audience was awesome to play for, the club staff loved the show (we even sold a handful of cd’s to the staff — which they told us was a first).  Looks like we might be coming back to open for a national act in february . . . lets hope!!  

Take a good long time to load out after the show (after selling merch, finishing off our drink tickets, taking a tour of the facility, catching up with friends, waking joey up from his post-show nap . .  ), christian fills up the bus with some grease from the kitchen, we all load the gear, and leave philly at 1am to sleep on the floor at theo’s family’s place in NY.  

At the end of the day, this whole music as life thing is really f*cking fun.


Love, the [record] button